Monday, February 28, 2011

Which college courses do I have to take to become a clinical consultant for substance abuse treatment?

It may seem silly, but I'm looking for a career in this field. I do not know if I have to psychologists, nurses or others. I want to participate in substance abuse treatment, detoxification, methadone detoxification. It does not seem stupid to all human beings have always substance always works, and even better if you have a passion for this work. A nursing diploma four years is very versatile and give you options to work harder. I choose to care, unless you want to be exclusively a clinical psychologist, in this case, you need a doctorate in psychology or master's degree in social work. Best wishes. ps. You have to remove things when you do your internship clown! Course work in psychology, biology, chemistry, nursing, counseling and social work would also be a likely option. You should contact the center and do exactly what they are looking candidate in the recovery and grade.


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