Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nurse to Lactation Consultant?

HELLO! I wonder if my husband and I have a daughter aged 1 year and I outside La Leche League for about7 month. I want to become a lactation consultant (if necessary). We are again moving to Michigan where I go to nursing school and trying to be a certified La Leche League. Is this a good way to be a lactation consultant? Any help and advice would be great! Thanks! The most common and most workers travel on the road to lactation consultants to become a nurse and then specialize. Hospitals generally do not hire people without medical training. Become a LLL Leader can have many SWS after certification. But you count your time with LLL LC-certification after the initial application for certification. The time is obviously the first good experience and be able to help many women to breastfeed, but not directly help you find a way to SC For more information, please see the FAQ International Lactation Consultant Association ( ILCA): http:/ / The International Board of Lactation Consultant exam (IBLCE) is a certification is http://www.iblce . org / Yes those skills to work well together. Check the site IBCLE probably want to go to Route 2 .


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