Saturday, February 19, 2011

Uk question- Have you seen a consultant or doctor in your pregnancy?

I've never seen my midwife and I have not seen a doctor or counselor. My midwife told me that I will not see a doctor until birth and still could not. Someone else in the same situation? It s true that midwives play the role? It s as if a nurse is to assume the role of a doctor. I only saw a doctor when I was in hospital.i Do not worry, the midwives are specially trained to care for you and your baby! Hey, you should consult a physician after each scan, you should discuss what happened in the ultrasound and you can explain what is happening with the baby, and check all is well with you. usually 12 weeks of pregnancy and any other evidence you have, if not bleeding or something happens, then a doctor to be there for you right away. A midwife is trained to handle pregnancies, most questions and deal with again no response to pregnancy out of his highly unlikely that a doctor with you during the birth of his usually only one midwife if you are at high risk if you are over 12 weeks and did not see your doctor scanning, you should ask yourself why. Good luck! In 37 weeks pregnant and have only seen my midwife, I see a doctor once, but she was too busy and sent instead of midwives. They are not "taking over the role." As long as there is no specific medical reason your pregnancy is "high risk" (I had high blood pressure and a big baby), so there is no reason to seek medical advice. Pregnancy is not a disease, "treatment" and the midwife took at least 3 years, especially during pregnancy and birth, were both from my midwife excellent. 90% of UK births, midwife-led. Midwives are vaginally as a skilled worker in the delivery of babies than doctors. Sometimes more, because they more often - TD again. No doubt non-British? Ok, I act different systems here and all I have written is absolutely true. Given that I have had two children in the UK Yep, it sounds normal. I went to my doctor when I first found out I was pregnant, but since then it just became a midwife I see. Congratulations on your pregnancy:) When I was pregnant in 1979, I saw the doctor once a month from three months pregnant, I saw a midwife and a physician hospital once a month from 3 months so I could see either a doctor or midwife to two weeks from three months before birth. Years later, when my daughter was pregnant, she looked at the doctor straight away and then a midwife and it was not until about 24 weeks, with the exception of the search at approximately 12 weeks. Nope, not seen my doctor. I am 9 weeks and have only seen my midwife once so far, I see her again after 16 weeks x


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