Friday, February 25, 2011

Can you tell me what the difference btwn Paralegal, Legal Assistant, and LNC is?

LNC is a nurse attorney. What is the difference btwn these three professions like? I would like your opinion. Thank you usually LNC training in nursing and medical. He or she may have a legal framework, but most likely not trained as a paralegal is. LNC functions may only receive and consider the medical evidence and expert testimony. According to the American Bar Association and other organizations, the terms "legal assistant" and "legal assistant" has the same meaning. However, the term legal assistant is becoming the race, as the term "legal assistant" is sometimes used to refer to a "wizard" [Secretary] to a lawyer, in much the same way the term "assistant" has become a better "Secretary" in the business world. The customs vary around the United States would be beneficial for you to ask someone in the legal field in your area. A legal nurse consultant is usually a nurse who examined the case of damage to their "value." "The nurse understands all the medical jargon and terminology of medical records and the lawyer may be in layman terms, what damages, etc. and what it can mean that customers in the future. Sometimes LNC attorney received a certificate and can do other things too. Paralegal n strictest sense is a person who has either earned a paralegal certificate or an associate's or bachelor's degree as a paralegal. But there are many people out there who do not have those references, but the legal work for as long as they know much more than anyone else is still fresh out of school without experience. A legal assistant is someone who has little more than a secretary (which usually makes transcription and phone, calendar, etc.), things work out but do not want the legal research or things that would make a lawyer. The biggest difference between a legal assistant and a paralegal, is that the lawyer can charge his client for work, a legal assistant, but if a social worker, doing research, studies, etc., may make a caseworker at a reduced rate on its own .


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