Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What to expect at 1st high risk consultant appointment?

There are 9 weeks 4 days pregnant with our second. Our oldest son is 5 years. We have had two miscarriages (Nov.06, 7 April). My husband and I are 24yo. After our last prenatal appointment, which took at least 11 tubes of blood from me, our OB nurse called us a few days later and gave us an appointment with a medical risk. Do not get into too many details that are a "little stuck on what to expect. Our date is this Friday, 19/10. Thanks. There is much information that can not help much. When I was pregnant I was at high risk because he had a blood clot in my 26 weeks due to a bleeding disorder. I went to see my doctor twice the risk when I left the hospital before the birth of my daughter. My doctor gave me more of ultrasound, most visits . Then I had another doctor for my blood once a week. It depends entirely on you are at risk. You could say almost anything more or it could test myself more visits, etc. It depends. I hope that everything works for you and you have a healthy baby to hold, I see a specialist on modern birth (high risk doc) for my entire pregnancy, and he gives me. On our first visit, he has a solid background information on my husband and me, get all the details on one of our family of high blood pressure to genetic defects (Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy) to cancer aneurysm. I suggest you both go through the stories (yours, his, your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters) before going to APPT so be sure to get everything he needs to know to remember. They also talked to us about some deep genetic counseling, because my uncle has muscular dystrophy and mental retardation. They will tell you about a number of tests available to you and let you know when they do, and asks if you want to do them (they give you time to think about it, it's more for you like this time). After that, he made a thorough pelvic exam and a group of prenatal If you have had these done and the results, you may not make them again. If you see something of the results of blood tests are suspicious, it is likely that more tests. Will probably see a good uultrasound heartbeat and determine a due date (there was one). Most people with high-risk documents make a u / s every visit (I loved that part!). After that, we said we could expect with this pregnancy because of my problem (congenital). They have the usual symptoms in me and made me feel good, and I know that you can call with questions. They were really fantastic! Just be prepared for a very deep history.


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