Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do you think being a nurse is a good job?

Have all said that I would be really good, but I think it's a waste of my skills I get A's & B's, and I would go to UNI to work out which one, and hopefully a consultant nurse (I had my way work up!) and obvs I had a dream to marry a doctor (my mom says you can not marry a nurse can be a doc) but I think I will be, but I do not know, because I think that stupid people do! I will practice on a visit, but I still prefer to work in journalism and is a presenter, but I have no idea what do you think about nursing, stupid people, because I'm smart (I am no idea, if you are so smart, why not a doctor or dentist? If a nurse is a tough career. I worked for 5 years in the profession, emotionally and physically demanding. until I got a job working in the health fair, I felt that I like to change my career and Studies Law Advantages: very rewarding emotionally .I know I help people every day are very stable. I know I have the security benefits of the good work and good wages. Cons: bad night shift sometimes working weekends and holidays emotionally, you see people at their most desperate and sick. It can be very painful. Can be very territorial, occupational physicians and nurses, while others can not sometimes be the friendliest people. Honestly, I agree with her mother not to become a nurse is to marry a doctor. The probability of this happening are slim anyway. In addition, there are many disadvantages of marrying a doctor. They are almost married to the job. There is so much fun. But Mary was a veterinarian. If you do not sincerely care for the heart and passion that used in the profession of the family. Burn quickly. Go for your dreams and leave behind their mothers .


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