Saturday, February 12, 2011

Decorator, how to break in, can you make a living? Painting,consultant, nurse,writer?

Help! I burned a bit in the nursing field. In the medical field for 26 years. sold've always loved to paint, some have mentioned. Very simple, abstract, funky stuff. I love interior design, painting Assoc. with furniture and art. Any ideas if I can make them live, even bad? And how to start or stop, and in this world of art? Although informal consultations on the love lives / dating with friends and friends of friends with success and others 'advice' situations which I love. How the hell can they turn to a life? I enjoy writing, problem solving, is very resourceful! Be interesting to a personal assistant, no? as a flea market / local art place has dignity. If all of your time, I hear very low income. My only child I took on my own, are in school. In addition, I recently injured my back, looking for a NSG . And the p-time jobs just to pay bills is a challenge. Almost all are very physical and the Dr. office does not hire RN's. For cheap!


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