Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is there such a career as Legal Nurse Consultant in Singapore?

If yes, you can find information on how certifications / qualifications required to become one, job scope, career opportunities, salaries, etc. Your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Cheers VTVRAM Hey, maybe you can tell which institutions in Singapore offer coaching and training for the RNA to a legal nurse consultant to be? Thanks. Well, I think you have to check with clinics and hospitals for such a task, or perhaps you can apply online on this local website 88DB SG try to look for the service to legal Nurse Consultant Yes. In fact, there are a number of institutions offering coaching and training for this story! The Legal Nurse Consulting certificate program is designed for experienced nurses who provide in combining their clinical experience with specialized legal knowledge to those contacts between the legal and medical fields are interested.


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