Thursday, February 24, 2011

4 week old refusing to nurse on one breast?

I have my son breastfed for 4 weeks with no problems. But in the last 2 days he refused to nurse on my left breast. It will suck a few times then pull Fussing and crying key. I dont have anything new on my skin. If I pump breast milk, I get a lot. The flow appears normal and does not seem a big disappointment that he could not handle swollowing. I have a lactation consultant, where I wait to call and gave birth to her back, but I wanted to see if another parent has this expirenced and knew anyway to get it properly marked. Thanks! I think it's a baby on one breast at each other for some strange reason prefer normal. My baby has always preferred a nurse on the right breast, but I must say that he never denied * * left. Now he is 6 months and my right breast is much larger than the left because it produces much more milk. Nuts! Try different positions and try to express some milk before bars, the breasts are soft enough (if you are swollen) and thus milk that is "right man" Also, try leaning forward or backward. Sit down reduces the number of milk comes out, and bowed it will come faster. It may be that your child is not as comfortable for some reason in that position on a page. Sometimes chiropractic can help, yes, there are chiropractors trained in infant formula adjustments. Skew! What can I do? . If your child prefers one side, or when supply or breast larger on one side My small steps, which is either have a preference for the passage of a chest or in my case, children, a preference for lying on a particular page. My son used to enjoy feeding on the refuse left and right. So I started keeping him in the football mode (where his body was wrapped around my right side, with her head on my right breast, as if he were a football, which I under the arm), which did the trick, and after he got a little older and larger, but that he did not remember where on his left hand on something I breastfeed my child, and do not mind some breast feed at all. but try and make another post. Maybe try some of this pump and try to feed him. It can be something that the milk may come out too fast or big ten pages or something. But talk to your child and your doctor can advise you on it. I did something like that, but he would not nurse both breast.So I would put it in my arms until he was half asleep and put him in the chest. I'm still doing that eight months later :-(((( I've tried so many things that was the only one that worked .


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