Thursday, March 3, 2011

the nurse said it looks like i have a sprung shoulder?

I fell while playing rugby and injured his shoulder two days ago, after an X-ray the nurse said nothing was broken, but I feel like I have a curved shoulder. I must go see a counselor next week. When he left his best self, and how long it might take to heal? I am in great pain (I take painkillers) and can not move my arm in certain directions: (I either over the last decade, I think it would nuthn doc says theres problems for you to get on things, although I have pain on most days. I really hope that you will not suffer as I have doing.By what is a shoulder suspended? depends on the severity of the buttons shoulder suspended from the consultants give you a better idea regarding a possible dislocation of acromioclavicular joint (ie when the scapula with the clavicle attachment). This is not a necessary surgery. Probably you will find they are better referred to physiotherapy. I would say that now - to avoid painful movements, take anti-inflammatory pain and regularly and they are capable of ice on his shoulder 4 times a day (peas in a wet t-shirt towel for 20 minutes should be involved) - if you do not have time / traffic probs beautiful exercise relieve pain is to bend at the waist and let your injured arm hang, relax and make gentle swinging clubs of the shoulder joint. This move should not hurt and the arm must be relaxed completely. all the best .


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