Monday, March 7, 2011

do you think that it will harm if that i nurse and recently went and got tattoos?

My son is six months and I am a nurse, but I was told by a consultant laction ink just did not harm him if the infection is not present when there is none, but I would like to hear from other mothers what you think it should hurt him right? because I also read that the ink molecules are too large to fit into my milk do not worry about it okay The best place to ask your doctor. The body is poisoned by the ink when it comes to a foreign agent in your blood, but our defense in order to remove the ink for about 24 to 48 hours. The kidneys filter the blood and you must return to "business" in more than 72 hours. I'm not sure the ink get into the milk, but you also have to worry about defense mechanisms that can be activated by your body when you confront the ink in the blood. It can also lead to extra hormones in milk. Again, ask your doctor to be safe. I think probably it would be nice if the site is a tattoo parlor nice and clean - I'd be more worried about her than it affects the milk paint in the end do what you feel comfortable with what you think is best. I would say it's okay no. My son is 7 weeks old and I have tattooed last week. I did a lot of reading ahead of me because I nurse exclusively, and never do anything to harm my baby. We're both very well after the tattoo, so do not worry. I'm worried about the worst and thought much about it after I did that, but we're right! The only way a tattoo hurt your baby during breastfeeding is if the tattoo is infected, so people should research before you get tattooed one.Just to ensure that business is safe .


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